Grading; this is the simplest and most important tip we can provide. Grading around your building is extremely important and can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Outdoor drainage is the number one major issue we see when encountering wet basement problems. Suitable grading around a building is necessary to protect the longevity of your home by managing the water around the perimeter of your home. When the ground around the perimeter of your house slopes towards your house or it is completely flat, you’re going to have grading problems; which in turn causes water problems. When grading a minimum slope of five-degrees sloping away from your home is good to help shed water away from the house; this should be done on all sides of the building.





Landscaping like patios, lockstone pathways, driveways and other beautiful landscaping additions are nice to have and enjoy and also add value to your home but handling the water and stopping it from coming in the home is the most important consideration before anything else. We often hear and see the same problems from people about their outdoor space not handling water well. Grading when it comes to outdoor projects should always be the number one consideration. Grading the landscape beds, grass or hardscapes near the house correctly can be the difference between water getting into your basement and water draining away safely.   










Eves Droughts should be checked at least yearly to make sure they are functioning properly. Eve’s droughts can hold water and go through a freeze thaw cycle that can cause the eve’s drought to split on the seam. And this can sometimes go unnoticed due to the fact that the seam is on the back of the eve’s drought. Always check the back side (against the wall) of eves drought to make sure it isn’t split and causing the water to pool or drain against the wall of the foundation.

Eve’s droughts should have an extension pipe that moves the water away from the building.