Core Fill (Foudation Grouting)

You discover a crack in your basement wall; “OMG”, is your reaction!

There are a few things you need to know about basement wall cracks. Basement walls can crack for a variety of reasons. Some cracks need to be taken more seriously than others.

Most cracks occur over time and sometimes go unnoticed for years until a water leak is discovered. Basement wall cracks can change with the seasons, depending on the climate. Water and soil can be a serious threat to the foundation. Seasonal variations like “Freeze & Thaw” can cause basement walls to crack. Pressure from soil, poor drainage, combined with water and climate variations can damage basement walls causing basements to crack

Maintenance around your building can help to avoid situations. Things like; grading soil so water is shedding away from the house will help. Make sure down spouts are in working condition, not split or blocked. Downspouts should have extensions to properly send water away from house.

But once the basement is cracked then it needs to be repairs as soon as it is noticed. The crack can be minor or major crack. A minor crack can be repaired and save the home owner from more sever future damage and save money in the long run. Once the crack becomes more severe the repair become more intensive and the cost will increase. Fixing the cracks as soon as possible is the best line of (and cheapest) defence.

Masonry grout (Core Fill) is a cement product that fills voids in foundations. Masonry grout is made from cement, fine aggregates, and enough water to be fluid. The foundation is prepped by drilling holes that will be filled with grout and re-bar. This adds needed strength and support to foundation walls.

If a crack or bowing wall is repaired using only the parging method and/or core fill (core fill provides strength; not waterproofing) and no waterproofing then there is no guarantee the repair will last. In all likelihood if the foundation is not waterproofed or poor (soil) drainage exists; then the foundation damage will happen again. To fix the problem from re-occurring; waterproofing, drainage and soil pressure must be addressed and corrected, or the foundation problem will persist

Differentiating between a minor and a major crack can be difficult to figure out. If you are concerned about a crack developing in your basement wall, contact us and we can take a look and provide you with advice.